Monetize Your Minecraft Server

Rated as the best self-hosted tool for monetizing your Minecraft Server. Perfect for all servers and websites hosted on WordPress.


Seamlessly Create a Minecraft Donation Store

We make it simple to start monetizing your server on Minecraft by providing our very own self-hosted solution. With over 500 websites using our plugin, we have made it available to accept all major currencies.

Self-hosted Minecraft donation store 

Our Minecraft donation store is built to work with WordPress. This means there are no limits. With that said, you can make changes freely without overpaying.

Accepts 100+ payment methods worldwide

Using our plugin grants you over a 100 payment methods, as it is integrated with Woocommerce. It is known as the largest platform, used by millions of shops over the world.

Easy to scale plans with unlimited options

We don't like multiple plans with upgrades. That's why we offer 2 simple plans with addons, where you can choose switch between multiple versions, hassle-free.



Our Minecraft webstore for WordPress comes fully customizable, and inherits the design you have adapted on your website. 

Out of the box solution for monetizing Minecraft servers without the need of expert knowledge in the field.

Get optional addons to help you Monetize your Minecraft, and disable them at any time without harming your site.

Each transaction made, guarantees you get the full amount. We don't charge you taxes (service providers do).

Our extension supports worldwide servers and has no limits over the payments processed.

We do not copyright or label your product, so you can use it independently, without having watermarks, etc.

Monetize your Minecraft servers globally

The perfect Minecraft donation plugin for monetizing both small and big servers.

There are no limits as to how much you earned and what you get paid.

We have customers all around the world, who are happily monetizing servers and earning with MCraftia.




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Learn how to develop Minecraft servers

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Server Development

Learn how to manage your very own Minecraft server, or network of servers.

Error handling

Identify bugs and mistakes with your Minecraft server, and prevent errors.


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Gain knowledge from beginner tutorials and start automizing and improving.