Where to Buy Premade Minecraft Server Setups – 5 Top Picks

Have you ever wanted to own a Minecraft server, but can’t create one? That’s no problem, as many people cannot afford to build or create one from scratch.

However, you can buy a premade setup easily. To help you we have listed the 5 best places to buy a premade Minecraft server setup.

What is a premade Minecraft server Setup

Premade Minecraft setups are pre-built servers by developers. Such builds include setting up plugins, permissions, and a genre.

Premade setups are also a unique way for owners to adopt a new server, rather than creating their own. They come in three different types when sold to end clients.

The first is an unlimited license. Usually, developers sell unlimited licenses to buyers, meaning that it will not be unique. They tend to cost way less but require customizations if you need a professional setup or network.

The second one is limited licenses. These are servers, which can be purchased in a limited amount of time. With that said, only a few can acquire a premade setup, and have a more unique investment. The prices for limited Minecraft setups are higher than usual and tend to increase over time.

The third one is unique licenses. Getting a unique license means you purchase all rights and have control over the setup alone. The best part of owning a unique license helps start a genuine Minecraft server. However, the prices of these setups start from $200.

Best places to buy premade Minecraft server setups

Purchasing a premade Minecraft setup can come with great risk. While many websites offer quality products, others sell servers of lesser quality.

BuiltByBit (MCMarket)

BuiltByBit formerly known as MC-Market is the largest Minecraft marketplace. You can find anything from plugins, to premade setups.

Many developers get a chance to be featured on their sites, selling both goods and services.

Browsing through their wide selection of setups, you can find anything such as server version, category, and updates.

To help you further, we have created a special list of the best BuiltByBit premade server sellers.


GGServers is a premium Minecraft hosting provider that offers premade plugin packs for servers. While other websites sell premade setups, GGServers offers plugin packs along with any hosting plan.

By purchasing a plan from them, you unlock the packs and can choose between plugin categories.

Each of their plugin packs includes special settings and instructions. If you have any issues with your plugin pack, the GGServes hosting support can gladly assist.

The only downside is that you are limited to using their premade plugin packs only while paying for a server.

Minecraft Premade

Minecraft Premade is one of the oldest Minecraft premade setup sellers. They started in 2019, and since then they deliver top-notch products.

From the beginning of their journey, limited setups had been released, but gained popularity fast.

Nowadays, Minecraft-Premade is known as a one-stop shop for all kinds of premade Minecraft setups of all categories and genres.

Along with selling premade server setups, you can also find Minecraft world spawns and websites for various CMS products.

Premade Setups

As the new kid in school, Premade Setups is yet another popular choice for premade servers. Held by a professional server crafter, each of his crafts is unique.

And while offering various builds, each is available for unlimited purchases. As mentioned previously, some crafters offer unlimited licenses. So are Premade Setups.

Each of their premade server builds can be purchased for unlimited amounts of time. Also, you will receive support for each setup purchased. 

Minecraft Setups

Minecraft Setups is yet another old Minecraft network setups provider. They provide the largest sets of servers, combined into networks.

Amongst competitors, their skills for connecting servers and offering bundles are completely unique.

Not to mention, that each of their setups comes either with an unlimited license feature, or you could get your custom setup.

Ancestral Setups has been offering a variety of custom server network setups on demand and prefers to sell a 1-time license, meaning your server will be unique.