How to Setup Whitelist on a Minecraft Server and Manage It

Would you like to play on your Minecraft server only with selected friends? While plugins could help you solve the case, there is another option. This option is called whitelisting.

To help you understand more, we are going to teach you how to set up a whitelist on your Minecraft server.

What is a Minecraft server whitelist

Whitelists are special permission files, which prevent unauthorized players from joining your server. They are solely created to protect intrusions and do not require any plugins or mods to run.

To be precise, a whitelist exists in every instance, and it is saved in your files. With that said, you are not required to create lists every time it restarts.

On top of that, whitelists can be managed in-game, or by using the operator. 

Benefits of using a Minecraft server whitelist

Having a whitelist can help you in many different ways. It not only improves your security but also gives you privacy.

The best part of protecting yourself means that you can play privately without paying for Minecraft realms.

How to setup a Minecraft server whitelist

Setting up a Minecraft server whitelist requires operator privileges, and knowledge of whitelist commands. To help you out, we have included the top whitelisting commands, to help you create a whitelist.json file and manage it.

Once you have given yourself OP, type the command /whitelist on and press Enter. This command will enable the whitelist.

The next step is adding players. To players who you trust, you will need to use the command whitelist add PlayerName. Every player added to your configuration will be able to connect to your server.

When a player has been added to the whitelist, removing them will require to use the remove command.

If you wish to remove a player from the whitelist, simply type /whitelist remove PlayerName.

Both of these commands can be used inside the server console or a server panel.

As Minecraft whitelists are not case-sensitive, it is recommended to use lowercase. Otherwise, whitelisting may not work as intended.

You can also edit the whitelist, or generate a new one by using a Minecraft whitelist creator.

How to whitelist someone on Minecraft crossplay servers

If you have a Minecraft crossplay server, you will need to note that the whitelisting commands are not the same. Since crossplay instances can be joined by Java and Bedrock users, you will need to follow a different procedure.

Firstly, all of your players will need to join the server, so they can be recorded. Afterward, you can proceed with creating your whitelist. You can use the command /whitelist on then press Enter.

To start adding Java and Bedrock players, you need to type /whitelist add .PlayerName and have your friends added. The same goes for removing players from your whitelist. Type /whitelist remove .PlayerName to block others from accessing your server.

If you want to manage whitelisting more efficiently, try our Minecraft whitelist creator.

Frequently asked questions about Minecraft whitelists

How do I disable the whitelist on the Minecraft server?

To disable whitelist, you will need to have OP (operator permissions). Once you get OP, type the command /whitelist off to disable whitelisting.

Immediately all players will be able to join, without the need of whitelisting them.

What is whitelist vs blacklist in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there is only a whitelist available. It gives owners the ability to select who can play on their server. However, any player that is not whitelisted, could be counted as blacklisted.

Blacklisted players are not banned, but also cannot join them if not on the list.

You are not whitelisted on this server?

If you receive the error “You are not whitelisted on this server”, you will need to disable the whitelist. This can happen either from the command prompt or from the config files.

In the command prompt, you can use the command whitelist off, and the whitelist will disappear.

The next option is through your config files. You will need to find the server properties and set the whitelist to “false”. After changes have been made, restart.

Can offline Minecraft servers use a whitelist?

Yes, offline (cracked) Minecraft servers can also use a whitelist, and prevent players from joining. However, they will also need an authentication plugin. This way hackers will be prevented from changing the username to a whitelisted player’s name.

While offline servers do not provide security, authentication plugins can help you keep things safe.