Minecraft server RAM Calculator

The best calculator for estimating how much RAM a Minecraft server needs. Position the players, plugins, and mods, to get an estimate of how many resources you need.

RAM Recommendation Tool

Recommended RAM: 4GB
Upkeeping RAM: 2GB

Minecraft Calculator FAQ

How does the Minecraft RAM Calculator work?

The Mcraftia Ram calculator for Minecraft servers is based on long research and case studies. The RAM per player, mod, or plugin is an estimate for best results.

While these numbers may not be absolute, they are the average of how much RAM you need for a Minecraft server.

Why is my Minecraft server crashing?

Minecraft servers often crash due to low amounts of RAM used by your OS. If you are using Windows to host your Minecraft server, reserve at least 4GB of RAM for your system.

As Windows is resource extensive, you should not allocate all of your RAM to your server. If you wish to allocate more RAM to your server, use a different OS such as Linux. It requires only 512MB of RAM to keep your system running smoothly.

Can my computer run a Minecraft server?

Any computer can run a Minecraft server, even the older ones. Our Minecraft server RAM calculator gives you estimates of how many players it can upkeep with plugins or mods installed.

Why is my Minecraft server laggy?

Many Minecraft servers have lag issues. While the basic cause may be lag machines or too many actions, another reason points to chunk loading.